Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas To All


Thorn all dressed up for Christmas! (Left)
Brier having found the Christmas presents. (Right)

I am already getting rav
e reviews about the video from people who have purchased and (already!) viewed it. It was a lot of fun to do, with more to follow.
One per month...January will be a Lavender Iris.

Also on the agenda is the offering of one-on-one workshop sessions. Starting in January. We will work on a couple of projects from start to finish during a one month time frame, with all of my step-by-step instruction via video. These will include critiques of your work via "chat" sessions and email. Once the projects are decided upon, you'll receive a pencil drawing to transfer to your watercolor paper, supply list, lots of tips, tricks and techniques...everything you'll need to concentrate on your watercolor painting and make it a wonderful learning experience. I'll take one student a month. I'll get this ready and open it up for sign-up shortly.

I am so blesse
d by all the people who love what I do. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love to do for a living. All of the kind comments I get from people via email or through my blog every single day, mean so much to me. Being alone here with the boys, your presence helps me breeze through each day with enthusiasm. Thank you.

Have a wonderful holiday season.
Love to all of you, from me and the boys. :~)


Vicki Greene said...

Merry Christmas to you Jacqueline and the boys too!

Terry said...

Hope that you and the boys have a wonderful Christmas, they are looking great and I just know how much love and affection that they give to you.

Its a little warmer here in my part of the UK today and am looking forward to my three bird roast instead of a Turkey.

Not sure if you get a three bird roast in the US but its Turkey, Duck and Chicken breasts with a layer of stuffing between each one and is great to carve with no worry about any bones for Marz to get hold of

Guy Vincent Magallanes said...

Merry Christmas. I received our Ruffles DVD yesterday! It was the best gift I got. Now to get some time (maybe later today) to watch and learn! Woo Hoo

Madelaine said...

Merry Christmas Jacqueline :)

Becky Brocato said...

I've watched about half of the DVD. So far, I love it! Am learning so much, especially the soft, out of focus background effect. It's always so helpful to actually WATCH someone paint instead of just reading books or looking at the finished piece.

2DogStudio said...

LOVE YOUR DOGS! Reminds me very much of one of mine :) Merry Christmas! Wendy

Christiane Fortin said...

Hello Jacqueline. I just ordered your video can't wait to get it.

In the mean time Happy New Year to you and the boys..