Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Life with Stargazers

16" x 24" ~ Watercolor on Paper

More of my favorite things....this lovely still life. My favorite part is the draped, floral cloth. I love doing cloth and it doesn't really "pop" until all of the floral pattern is complete. You have to build it slowly. It's quite the challenge. The silhouette of the Stargazer stems against the dark mottled background add a eye catching visual. This is a special piece. Enjoy.



Christiane Fortin said...

Jacqueline you've done it again. The colors are simply stunning. I love the way you always set up your subjects. You are great a design.. Bravo once again!

Terry said...

My jaw has just hit the floor, this is amazing, wonderful, beautiful the list could go on and on. Love the way that your eyes are drawn around the piece and each time finding something new to gaze in awe at.

Just love it

Nora Mackin said...

This is beautiful and what a way to show off so many lovely flowers.

Valerie said...

Another masterpiece Ms. Jacqueline!! Absolutely gorgeous!