Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sparkle! - Jacqueline Gnott Instructional Watercolor DVD

Well, I'm finishing up all the loose ends for the packaging and imminent shipping of the latest DVD, "The Queen". It will ship this week along with several watercolor paintings that have been waiting... I am feeling that feeling of needing to get back to concentrating on my daily paintings and nothing else. (YEAH!!) I need to do that. I'm a creature of habit, and I like my daily painting rituals. So to see this goal in my future, I have already filmed the next video for April, which of course, will now go into editing, and all the other processes that take so much time...but at least the filming is done. I filmed this early so as to get back to my goal of daily painting sooner. (YEAH) I may slow down on the DVD's for awhile after this one...spring is on it's way and my flowers beckon. I always spend a lot of time shooting reference photos. Unfortunately...I don't have time for everything. But we try.

People have been hoping for a DVD on the painting of glass. I thought this little still was the perfect candidate. (No "Glass" colored paint was used in the production of this video. :~) It'll show you all of the cool tricks I've learned throughout the years making glass really "Sparkle". Not as hard as one might think. But there are so many little ways to finesse your painting to create the illusion of a clear glass vase. The bonus on this DVD is a beautiful pink Rose, an shell pink with subtle yellow glow. (Can we have too many Roses in our lives?) Also some very nice leaf paintings, with nice green variations. And, to top it all off a dark, rich, extra-smooth background to make everything "pop". Join me for 2 hours of lots of technique and lots of fun!!

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Terry said...

This is just so pretty and delicate and the glass is amazing as always and love how the rose is just so soft and dainty looking another fantastic choice for your DVD collection.

Rishi Kapil said...

This is a super painting .

K. Galarneau said...

So beautiful! I can almost feel the softness of the petals. The sparkle of the vase is fabulous. It definitely is a joy forever.