Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lavender Iris

5" x 7" ~ Oil on Hardboard

I decided to paint this Iris because on the reference photo it had all of those little "sun spots" that I like so well. It has this glimmer that I thought was cool!! I'm getting into the oil painting rhythm, well...trying too. Only problem is that drying time. So, I've got 5 going at one time. (YIKES) Working on each one a bit, then it goes back in front of the heater. More fun!!



Arti said...

Always loved your irises...this one is terrific,too!

Terry said...

Just lovely and so deliacate looking and love the way that you manage to make it so difficult for us mere mortals to tell which of your works is watercolour and which is in oils, you are a true master craftsman

Giada said...

Your technique is impressive, very refined, I always liked the watercolors for their light and transparency, but it is difficult to use them so well. In fact I think it is harder to learn the technique.
Congratulations! Greetings from Italy.

Giada said...

Add also congratulations for this wonderful oil! I accidentally commented watercolor "The Queen" on this post (I'm so clumsy...)!