Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rosy Rose & Sparkle DVD

6" x 6" ~ Oil on Hardboard

My first Rose in oil. :~) You can get such soft effects with the oils, and actually I'm very surprised. Blending and blending till it is so delightful and subdued. I didn't think that you could be that delicate with it. People have commented that they do look similar to my watercolors, probably because I'm using the same technique. Glazing with very light layers. Using the more transparent of the oil colors. I'm using a different medium with my oils that is helping with the drying only issue. But it's just something that I have to get used to...change is good, we need to grow as however way we choose. It's a good thing!



Remember, tomorrow is the last day for the 'free shipping' offer on my latest DVD "Sparkle". Everything you wanted to know about painting glass in watercolor but were afraid to ask, :~) with the added bonus of: Perfectly Smooth Dark Backgrounds; Painting Roses so real you can smell their sweet scent; And leaves to die for. :~) It's action packed. This DVD ships on April 23. Click here for purchase information.


Kaylyn said...

So lovely. You have inspired a reverse sort of way. I'm messing with watercolors in the evenings while watching a bit of TV. I think you have the advantage of having mastered watercolor first and easing into oil by using your knowledge of transparency to great effect. It is difficult going from a wet into wet oil technique to water color. But I think the exercise is quite worthwhile as I think water color makes one think about color in a more nuanced and sophisticated manner.

It's fun, this playing with paint!

Terry said...

Another beautiful rose that will live forever and never die. Just love rich velvet like way you have manage to create for the petals just so lifelike it makes you want to pick it up and smell the perfume

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Hi Kaylyn, I think you are right, the transition into oils has been much easier then I thought. Of course, I fretted over the process quite a bit, but overall it is soooo close to the watercolor technique that it's been a pretty smooth beginning. It really is fun to play with paint!

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Thank you Terry. The oils do have a richness that is unsurpassed. Love it!!