Friday, May 21, 2010

Peony Still Life Instructional DVD/Updates/News

Watercolor on Paper

The latest DVD "My Favorite Things" will ship next week. And, on the heals of that is my latest DVD "Still Life with Peonies". This is my first TWO DVD set. 240 minutes (4 full hours) of instruction. People have asked about going through the process of a major still life. This DVD will cover all aspects of planning and executing a larger watercolor painting. As always, I am taking pre-orders for this new DVD set with free shipping for a limited time. DVD ships June 24th. Click here for purchase information.

I have received images of the watercolors that people have completed through my DVD's. That all look really wonderful. I'm so proud of everyone. What I want to do is do a post on my blog of all the watercolors that I've been, if anyone else would like to send me a completed painting...I'd love to post it. I'll plan on posting next Friday so they can be up during the long holiday weekend for everyone to see! So send me ( a digital image by Thursday. How exciting.

I'm also excited about some of my watercolor florals appearing in the French art magazine "Pratique des Arts". (Essentially the French version of The Artist's Magazine) How cool is that. :~) They are doing a portfolio of worldwide floral artists in their next issue and they wanted to include me in it. :~) I am very honored. I'll let you know when it's out. Since it probably won't be readily available in the states maybe I can get a copy and post the article on my blog.

Brier has either pulled a muscle or something in his neck. My poor little boy. He went to the vet right away on Monday...and is on an anti-inflammatory plus a pain med. The vet said it would take awhile to get better. If not, x-rays. We are just hoping he gets better soon....I worry about them so. :~(

Last but not least...Go Hawks!

Au revoir pour l'instant


chara said...

Its beautiful. Is it oil, the red peonies with cherries.

chara said...

For sale?

Carol Blackburn said...

Exquisite work.

Susan Roux said...

Wow. This is amazing! Love the composition and the colors.