Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Back!! :-)

Well, after 5 days without power and water....I'm back. We had another storm go through last night....tornado warnings....high winds but the power held. (I didn't realize I had moved to Kansas/Tornado Alley.) The workers who fixed my electric were from Kentucky. They were very kind, and could tell I was in distress. (Watercolor Girl does not like camping!!!)

To update you on my GSD Brier, he is doing very well since his slipped disc. He hasn't shown any signs of pain in two weeks.
Thank you to everyone who had posted a comment or emailed me personally to ask about him....that means a lot to me and the boys. Between you and I....I hope all of the crazy stuff is over, so we can get our lives back to normal.

So, as I said in the previous blog post, I hadn't finished editing the "Still Life with Peonies" DVD when the storms that will be first on the agenda and will ship next week. Someone told me "No hurry ~ No worries" which is a nice little slogan that helps me relax when I'm feeling stressed. I hope no one will be upset with the delay. But, when things like that happen, there's nothing I can do. I will email everyone personally as soon as those ship.

I had also filmed the next DVD a couple of weeks ago, while Brier was healing and we couldn't go anywhere. It's Volume 2 of "My Favorite Things". I'll post info about it soon, maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments, and especially....thank you for liking what I do.


Carol Blackburn said...

Welcome back, Jacqueline.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Jacqueline, I am so happy for you that things are getting back to normal.You thank people for liking what you could anyone not love what you create!
I am enjoying my copy of your DVD "My favorite things" and I am really looking forward to seeing what Volume 2 has in store for all of us, your fans.