Monday, June 21, 2010


Hi Everyone. We had horrible storms that went through on Friday. I've been without power/water since then. Since I am rural, they are estimating that I won't have power till Thursday or Friday. After that there will be lots of cleanup, there is lots of debris and limbs down. Everything was lost in the refrigerator and freezer, so we have lots to do there too. I was in the process of finishing editing the latest dvd "Still Life with Peonys" when this happened. So all orders for this dvd will be at least two weeks behind. All other orders whether through my blog or ebay will be shipped as soon as is possible. I am at FedEx now, and, of course, I have forgotten my email, I won't be returning any emails either. I am blessed that the oak trees held strong, and me and the boys are okay. We were scared. I think someone was watching over us.


Marilyn Parigian said...

Glad you are all ok and no one was hurt. Bad storms and hurricanes get your attention for sure.

MAYRI said...

I am so sorry about the storm.I think you are all right now.
God bless you and your family.
Have a good week. Love from Türkiye

Vicki Greene said...

Glad you and the guys are safe! Hope you have electric soon.