Thursday, July 8, 2010

Updates and Snippet

Well I'm finally about caught up with all that I had going on. I was put extremely behind by all the goings on of recent. The double dvd set of "Still Life with Peonies" has shipped. It took a lot of work to produce and edit that one....but I am very proud of the final dvd's. It was quite the undertaking. I have added a small snippet of the dvd to my Instructional Materials Blog.

Here are more watercolor paintings from artists who have purchased my dvd's. Cheryl (top painting) learned lots from the "My Favorite Things - Volume 1", which had instruction on the strawberry, and "Sparkle" which had instruction on the Rose, then she applied both to her painting. Lovely. Jan (bottom painting) has captured the very essence of the Magnolia. She also learned along with
"My Favorite Things - Volume 1", which included a Strawberry, Magnolia and Tulip. Wonderful! I am so pleased that so many people are enjoying the dvd's. :~) And some who haven't painted in years are painting again. That makes me feel so good!! Thank YOU!!

Cheryl Bryan

Jan Zeller


Carol Blackburn said...

Thanks for sharing these, Jacqueline. Your instruction must be awesome if their paintings turned out so well.

Ivani Grande said...

maravilhosas as pinturas...estou de boca aberta com tanta perfeição e beleza...parabéns