Thursday, September 9, 2010


"My BFF"
9" x 5.5" ~ Watercolor on Paper

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Above is my latest watercolor. Lots of fun with the tomato girls.

Below is a photo of Lake Michigan I took the last time we were there. If you click on it and get it larger, you can see the silhouette of the Chicago skyline on the right side. So cool!

"Sunset at Lake Michigan"


IrinaSztukowski said...

Jacqueline, you are incredible! Yes, you are outstanding artist. Everyday I watch part of your DVD on Rose in the Glass Vase and every time I learn so much.

Thank you,

Fay Akers said...

That is a great photo. I live by lake Huron.

Arti said...

wonderfully realistic!

Mary said...

Your work is so impressive! Even moe so that this one is in watercolor!! Wow!