Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Peony Sisters"
48" x 24" ~ Watercolor on Paper


"Peony Blossom"
8" x 8" ~ Watercolor on Paper

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Someone had mentioned on my blog that's it's been awhile since I painted a Peony, so I thought I'd post a couple more. I do love them. The top one "Peony Sisters" I finished over the summer. I so enjoy the dramatic effect of painting large, especially with something as involved as a Peony. This gives you an up close visual for these pretty blossoms.

The one I finished today "Peony Blossom" was completed with all kinds of Quins. Quin Red, Quin Rose to name a few. Hope you enjoy them both.


Carol Blackburn said...

They are all awesome..........(I'm sooooo jealous)

Bonnie Heather said...

They take my breath away. Wow.

Lisa J said...


Love them both, especially the Peony Sisters - the time it must take you to draw all those petals, let alone paint it, is mind boggling!!