Sunday, September 26, 2010

Portrait of a Yellow & Red Day Lily

"Portrait of a Yellow & Red Day Lily"
6" x 6" ~ Watercolor on Paper


The boys and I took a wonderful walk today. It's so nice and cool now. The heat of the summer is long gone, (hopefully....we did have two 90's last week, but I digress :-) and we have nothing but beautiful weather and scenery to look forward to from now on with the change of the seasons!

I was giving more thought to the upcoming gift season, and besides the book (which will be both pretty and instructional!) I was thinking about launching note cards. People have asked me about having these available and I thought they would be a nice gift idea, at a comfortable price point for gifting. Probably will put up a separate page on my blog as the "Gift Page". So many cool things to come. I also have recipe cards that are cute as a button. With my still life art reproduced on them. One with Ball Jars, one with Tomato canning, one with Pears. I can probably go ahead and post those once I get the Gift Page open. Okay, that's enough future thinking for one it's back to painting....while the boys nap. :-) Have a great Sunday everyone!!

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