Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Life with Tea Cups and Lace

"Still Life with Tea Cups and Lace"
15" x 8" ~ Watercolor on Paper


Very intricate watercolor painting on this piece. This is one of my larger pieces, painting the things that I love. Lace. Tea Cups. It's a soft and delicate watercolor. Quite lovely....and very feminine. Enjoy


Anonymous said...

stop!! you are just knocking my socks off!!! Awesome. How can we come up with a better word to describe your paintings? Love it. I think I have a tea cup like the one in the middle!!!!
You are the highlight of my day!!!!

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Hi Dawn,

I've been working on this one, on and off for awhile. I'm glad you like it. They are my mom's tea cups. It was a tough one to do because of all the detail....but well worth it!!

Mary said...

This is gorgeous!!!