Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall in the Midwest

Some photos from a trip yesterday to Potato Creek State Park, here in Indiana. Named because the Native Americans used to collect potato-like roots from the banks of the creek. Fall is so beautiful here. And it feels so good to walk and walk and walk in the crisp, fall air. Some of the photos are of Worster Lake, a 327 acre lake in the park. The boys went swimming and then we just sat and took it all in. It's so serene this time of year. No one around. You can sit and look at the beautiful fall reflections in the still water, and watch the fish jump.
It was a revitalizing visit!


Bolieche said...

Que hermosos paisajes Jackeline!! son realmente bellos.... beautiful landscape!!! Kisses!!

Pam said...

Some beautiful photos waiting to be painted! Will we see them.