Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gallery Pieces

Okay, a bit of a morbid title...but news is never good for the Pear People. I've heard that people have missed them. :-) That makes me happy. The piece is from a gallery that has closed. That makes me sad. So I will post the watercolors on my blog as time permits. I really loved the glass on these pieces...dark and looming. The poor Pear is always so foreboding for them as they await the canning process. But it's all in good fun.

The making of this watercolor has been filmed and will be released as "Shine" my latest instructional DVD on December 10th.
See my Instructional Materials Page for purchase information.
(I'm releasing information on this dvd offering early since I forgot that when we're getting into December we're up against the holidays. So I'll ship this one early too.)

"The End is Near..."
10" x 15.5" ~ Watercolor on Paper



oldpoetsoul said...

Your glass is so amazing!!!

Lisa J said...

Great painting. Love the glass,and the shine of the pears is fantastic.

m collier said...

Beautiful work.