Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Shine" Instructional Watercolor DVD

I'm releasing information on this dvd offering early since when we're getting into December we're up against the holidays. So I'll ship this one early too, on December 10th.

Concentrating on rich, dark colors in this still life. Layering glazes to obtain flawless colors. Focusing on one of the hardest subjects to achieve in Glass that looks photographic. We will spend a lot of time on how to achieve beautiful glass that "Shines". (A very nice advanced sequel to "Sparkle".) This was one of my favorite pieces to paint. Going through the process of starting with a bright white piece of paper and creating such luscious three-dimensional form. Join me in this journey. It'll be an exciting and fulfilling one! Free shipping till November 19th

Approximately 2 hours in length.
Ships on December 10.

Click here for purchase information.

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