Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

I wanted to take the time to write a special note to thank everyone for all of their support during this year. I am truly blessed by all the kind people who take the time to visit my blog. All of the comments are heartfelt. I receive so many, more personal messages by email. Some that make me cry. I am honored that I am able to help people further their watercolor painting either through the DVD's or just from inspiration they gain from viewing my paintings. That means so much to me. ♥ Thank you also for allowing me my voyage into the unknown world of oils. I've been painting watercolors for so long that I needed some kind of new challenge. The oils have exceeded my expectations in what you are able to achieve with them. I think because of my leanings toward realism, the oils were a natural progression. I will still be painting watercolors, so don't worry, we'll find time for both. But, to again refer to Georgia O'Keeffe, one shouldn't be defined by their medium.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy new year.
Warm wishes to all of you.

P.S. Why are we having thunderstorms in the Midwest on New Years Eve? Crazy weather!


sam said...

A very Happy New year to you Jacqueline!

Pearson Report said...

Congratulations on your 'Blogs of Note" status.

I often visit sites on this list and yours really deserves the recognition.

Your work is stunning! The lighting, colours and choice of flower is brilliant!
Thanks for sharing your work this way.

Happy New Year, and regarding your weather...I'll put in a word with our 'Weather God' here in Vancouver, Canada, and see if we can get you some of our glorious winter weather - cold, but sunny nonetheless - actually it's breathtakingly beautiful - like your paintings!

Cheers, Jenny

yaya said...

Congrats on being a "blog of note"..your work is amazing! You are blessed with a wonderful gift, thanks for sharing it!

squatlo said...

Jacqueline, I only found this blog site because of the "blogs of note" designation, and am truly impressed by your work!
I shoot nature photography, but have always admired the painter's eye.
These paintings are worthy of every accolade you acquire, and then some! Best of luck to you, and I will be back!

Anna Schoolderman said...

Congratulations on being a blog of note! Well deserved recognition for a wonderful blog. And a very happy new year to you too.

gwen fox said...

Jacqueline....great painting! I enjoy your sensitivity to the subject.

Happy New Year filled with loads of health and laughter

Suspinz: Dabbler in Many Things said...

Omigosh, I am in love with your watercolors! Just found you through Blogs of Note (congratulations!) and plan to follow your work.

I'm a returning painter after many years of pursuing other interests and look forward to learning from your sensitive use of the paints.

Cheers! Sue, a snowbirding Illinoisan.