Monday, March 7, 2011

Pink Dogwood - Watercolor

"Pink Dogwood"
8" x 8" ~ Watercolor on Paper


People ask how I get such rich, intense colors with my watercolors. It's all about the glazing. Layers and layers of colors that are dried thoroughly before each new layer is applied. (The hair dryer....a "must have" for every watercolor artist!)

We had a pretty nice day yesterday. It was warm enough here to crack the window, so I could hear my wind chimes while I paint. My wind chimes offer me a soothing tranquility. Maybe because when I hear them it means the warm summer breezes are here, or almost here. :-)


Meowlissa said...

I so admire the watercolor talent. Well, your talent in general ha. I was never patient enough to work with watercolors. Your work is always breathtaking :)

Bonnie Heather said...

Beautiful painting! Can't wait 'til spring.