Friday, April 8, 2011

Paca, Siberian Husky Extraordinaire

J.C.'s Mischievous Lady, Paca
November 19, 1998
- April 7, 2011

UAGI URO1 J.C.’s Mischievous Lady, Paca, CD-H,CGC, TT, RN,RA,RE, RL1, RL2, RLV, TDIAV Therapy Dog, Delta Society Pet Partner, IN State K9 Crisis Responder - AKA Silly Puppy Paca, Princess Paca, Knucklehead

It's a sad day today. We have lost one of our best friends, Paca. Siberian Husky Extraordinaire. The boys have known her all of their lives. She was the only dog they could "body slam" with, that wasn't afraid of them. It scared most people that witnessed their little ritual, but for the boys, playing with Paca was delightful! One of Pacas many joys in life was being a therapy dog. She had earned inclusion into the highest group of it's kind, the Delta Society. Jill and Paca were at Memorial Hospital last night to visit the sick children when she collapsed. We were fortunate to have had one of our exceptional walks with Paca around the Notre Dame campus last Monday night. Baby Thorn, Sweet Baby Brier and I are heartbroken. Our love goes out to Jill during this most difficult time.


Dana said...

I follow your blog, and I am saddened by the loss of a dear friend to you and your dogs. Thank you for sharing, and my deepest sympathy to Paca's family.

Studio at the Farm said...

I faithfully follow your blog, and am very saddened to hear of the loss of Thorn and Brier's good friend.

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Thank you Ladies...Paca meant a lot to us.

natcalgal said...

I am so sad for you. I know how much our pets mean to us and what love and devotion they bring to our lives. It is so hard to lose one of thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Kostbarste said...

i was saddened to hear about the loss.

I, myself, grew up with a dog.
He was just an ordinary dog that our neighbor gave us because they had too many.

He died while i was away for college.
I still miss him even after 4 years,.

SaharaSky said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. My dog passed away not too long ago, though I wasn't able to see her since I go to college out of state. But I miss her, she was like my buddy.

My condolences to your family.