Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Kiss - Oil

"The Kiss"
6" x 6" ~ Oil on Hardboard



If you'll notice my little "visitor counter" on the right column, we're closing in on 100,000 visitors since April 2009. How cool is that. Actually I'm not sure if the 99,999 might be cooler, but they are both going to happen today or tomorrow. Thank you to all of the great people from 173 countries who visit my blog.

I have signed on with the Daily Paintworks, a community of working artists. A great group of artists. Check out their web site by clicking here or clicking on the widget in the right column.

I Red Vines.


M.Flores said...

Perfecta y muy romántica.

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Gracious M.Flores!