Thursday, February 2, 2012

Spring Tulips

"Spring Tulips"
7" x 10" ~ Watercolor on Paper


My watercolor painting in anxious anticipation of things to come....:-) A great dvd with instruction on painting tulips is My Favorite Things Volume 1.


Julie Ford Oliver said...

One words fits...FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

love the brightness and the colors. I so enjoy your work. Glad doggie is loving his cart. Think of you often and enjoy your work daily!!!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Beautiful as always, Jacqueline! Can we really start thinking about spring? :-)

Jacqueline Gnott said...

Thank you for your kind words Julie and "Anonymous - whoever you might be".

Christiane, it's been so mild snow, 40's and 50's. We're running out of winter months for it to be subzero and yes, spring is almost here!!! (fingers crossed.) How is the weather is the Great White North?

Laura Leeder said...

This painting is so fresh! I too hope that spring is not far away. We have had a mild winter with several sunny days. Mild is expected, the sun is not!
As always, enjoy your paintings and I really like the new look to your blog!