Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tulips trimmed in White

"Tulips trimmed in White"
6" x 12" ~ Watercolor on Paper

Click here if you'd like to purchase "Tulips trimmed in White".

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Connie said...

You are amazing! Oh my, the realizism and the way you capture light . . . . . Your work is totally gorgeous.
Your new fan and follower, Connie
I'm inviting you to my humble blog, but next to your work . . . well, I'm down on the bottom rung of the ladder, but if you have the time come on over, my welcome mat is always out. Oh and I'm a Hoosier by birth and still a Hoosier by heart.
Can you believe we don't have lightning bugs where I live?
I ask you what is summer without lightning bugs?