Thursday, October 11, 2012

Guest Artist ~ Cheryl Bryan

I wanted to share this beautiful piece with you.  This was done by Cheryl Bryan of Texas.  I told her it was so lovely and much lovelier then mine.  She painted this from my "Painting an American Beauty Instructional Watercolor DVD".  Cheryl used different colors for the rose petals.  Beautiful pinks and blues.  The buds are so soft and delicate.  I just wanted everyone to see what beautiful watercolors are being created out there.  Even if you don't have the exact colors I use in my dvd's, you can use your own creative expertise to create something wonderful.  Thank you Cheryl for letting me share this piece...♥

-Cheryl Bryan-


Mary Kosary said...

I met Cheryl when we lived in Texas and we became best friends. My art journey has been richer because of her. Thanks Jacqueline for being so generous with your comments about her lovely painting.

Iowalady said...

She's done an amazing job! Good teacher, too! :)

Studio at the Farm said...

It is a beauty! Well done, Cheryl. And I agree, you have a great teacher.