Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monarch on Mexican Sunflower video

Thanks to everyones wonderful comments on my new forum "For the Love of Watercolor".  I believe it will be a wonderful, casual learning experience for everyone.  The "Monarch on Mexican Sunflower" has extensive instruction on dark backgrounds with those "spot lights" of color, to the very detailed Monarch butterfly.  And, as always, how to get those deep, rich colors in watercolor.  I am taking suggestions as we go for what you'd like to learn.  I have had suggestions for a yellow flower in a glass vase...that's coming next! 

The nice thing about my forum is that fact that you can watch the videos anywhere on any device...so any time you have some down time or waiting time, you can learn watercolor.  How easy is that?

Here are the subscribe buttons for yearly or monthly memberships (Also remember to "Sign Up" for the forum in the upper right hand corner of the site:  For the Love of Watercolor.) 



Remember, the first 50 people to subscribe for the full year membership will get a very nice Welcome Packet with products from:
  • Arches
  • Beinfang
  • M. Graham Watercolors
  • Loew-Cornell
  • Winsor & Newton.

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