Wednesday, August 6, 2014

To The Future

I have changed all the PayPal buttons (Add To Cart), to reflect the $10 off sale on all of the dvds I have left in stock.  I will let you know should any of them be gone after you purchase.  I will be consolidating all of my teaching efforts into one location shortly this summer, so, sadly I'll be ending the production and sale of my instructional dvds shortly.  For a look at the videos available click on the page links:

I know how many of you from around the world have enjoyed my dvds throughout the years, since we are moving into the future with my new forum "For the Love of Watercolor".  On the new forum, you can view my videos on any device, from any location.  It's a much better format.  Plus I've upgraded my filming equipment with excellent zoom capabilities to let you see "up close" each brush stroke.   And in HD!

I will be posting some of the videos from my dvds onto my forum  "For the Love of Watercolor" as time permits.

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