Saturday, January 17, 2015

Three Tulips and St. Patricks Day

 "Three Tulips"
5" x 8.5"
Watercolor on Paper
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This is my latest watercolor painting and the latest instructional watercolor video on my "For the Love of Watercolor" forum.   Something to help everyone think Spring!

Also, let me introduce you to my watercolor painting "Still Life with Belleek".  The story behind this still life is that my brother lived in Ireland for several years, and brought back with him a wealth of special Irish gifts for me to paint.  The table was handmade in Ireland.  The book, "Legends of Killarney" he purchased in Shannon, Ireland.  A hand carved marble cross.  And, of course, the Irish linen and Belleek.  It made a gorgeous watercolor.  So gorgeous that I decided to make prints of it.  The prints have all sold out, but I do have several Artist Proofs that are available.  I will have these available through St. Patricks Day for those interested.
Here is a link to purchase:

Limited Edition Lithograph ~ Artist's Proof

For those of you asking, What is an Artist's Proof ?, here is your answer:
*The first prints off the printing press and are considered to be of the highest quality and are designated “artist’s proofs”.  The artist’s proofs are considered to be the best prints within the edition and often kept by the artist.  Because the art world loves rarity and since there are fewer artist’s proofs than regular prints, they are preferred by many collectors.

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