Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days ~ Day 23

"Tree Peony"
 Watercolor on Paper
6" x 6" Image Size

Sold to a collector in Lexington Park, Maryland.

Day twenty three of Leslie Saeta's Challenge.

Are we all getting tired of this weather?  I guess a lot of the US is getting this brutal cold and snow.  Brier, Bella and I are so tired of being cooped up inside.  Enough of this.  We have cabin fever.  One of my Facebook friends, Marija from Germany said "Thank you for making January a very enjoyable month".  I'm doing my best to bring you warmth and sunshine via my watercolor paintings.

As I have wrote to the collectors that are waiting for paintings to arrive, shipping is delayed due to the weather.  It's too dangerous to go out in this.  Thank you everyone for understanding.
Thank you also to all the loving people that have helped me raise money for swims for Brier.  All of your thoughtfulness and caring is so heartfelt.  With our extremely harsh winter, I will be keeping Swims for Brier open, and any additional funds raised will go towards the increase of swims to twice a week, since we aren't able to do our daily walks.  I am so blessed that people have allowed me to do this for him, both to keep his muscles strong and to keep his mind happy.  Thank you...♥  (It also keeps Watercolor Girls mind happy too...:-)

Here are the links for my library of instructional dvds:

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Carole Pivarnik said...

I'm enjoying seeing the beautiful work you're creating for this challenge. It's horribly cold here in VA too. I'd rather stay in my very cozy studio but have to go out at least once a day to see to our equines. Thank goodness the sun has been out and we only got 4 or so inches of snow the other least I can walk around fairly safely.