Friday, September 5, 2014

Apples & Basket and Welcome Packages

"Apples & Basket"
Watercolor on Paper

6.5" x 6.5" ~ Image Size
Click here for purchase information.
"Apples & Basket" is the latest video on my For the Love of Watercolor Forum.


It's 2 hours in length, with a wealth of information.  Specifically on how to paint cloth, apples and a basket...Join us.

I only have a few more of the Welcome Packages left for those signing up
for an entire year membership ($144) for my
"For the Love of Watercolor" forum.

The Welcome Packages include:

  • A beautiful portfolio of Arches Watercolor Paper Samples
  • An 8" x 10" sheet of Beinfang Transfer Paper
  • Paint from M. Graham Watercolors
  • A brush from Loew-Cornell
  • Paint form Winsor & Newton
Of course you can also sign up for a monthly membership for $12 a month
(that's only $3 a week)

For the Love of Watercolor

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