Saturday, February 21, 2015

Two New Videos on the For the Love of Watercolor Forum

 "The Queen"  ~  9.75" x 7.5"
This is the video that I did of "The Queen" and then decided to do it larger, as "White Garden Queen" which was accepted into this years Transparent Watercolor Society of America show.  I have added this video to my For the Love of Watercolor Forum.  I think this video will give you guidance on what went into painting it.  The lush green are some of my favorites.  Lots of shadows and cast shadows that add so much interest and depth to the painting.  Then the Peony.  So brilliant with the delicate white petals and the intricate center and of course a great bud. 

I also wanted to do a video specifically for the people that are having troubles with their backgrounds.  I know they can be tricky.  So this little vignette should help you with the basics.  I guess the main thing is to practice...and do the practice pieces on small pieces of scrap watercolor paper.  The smaller size is more manageable and will help you gain confidence for the backgrounds on the larger pieces.

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